Perton Ehitus

Home at the heart of Kalamaja

  • Project name Valgevase 9b
  • Address Valgevase 9b
  • Year 2016
  • Type New Building

Valgevase 9b – well designed inner quarter at the heart of Kalamaja district. Traditional architectural characteristics have been taken into account when planning the buildings, blending them into Kalamaja environment. The added value lies in modern architecture, open floorplans and principles of energy efficiency.

The apartments have large balconies, terraces and a spacious courtyard with playgrounds, slides and plenty of greenery. The garden extends into Kalma park, where we built an illuminated pedestrian road, playground and a hilly green area.

A living space for anyone who values privacy, amiable community and a milieu-rich living environment. There are 36 comfortable 1-5 room apartments with high-quality interior design in the inner quarter of Valgevase 9b. This is a dream home for every family! Great location at the centre of Kalamaja allows for easy access to any destination by walking, cycling or by using public transport.

The interior design is crisp and nordic following the example of Scandinavian design traditions. The names of the buildings are inspired by national cultural giants of the 20th century, who lived or worked in Kalamaja: Karl Ristikivi (Karl’s Building), Asta Willmann (Asta’s Building), Artur Rinne (Arturs’s Building), Juhan Sütiste (Juhan’s Building) ja Elsa Avesson (Elsa’s Building).

Valgevase 9b houses are made of stone, where the hollow panels of the intermediate ceilings and concrete block bearing walls offer silence and tranquility. All the apartments have triple windows, radiant floor heating systems and apartment-based ventilation systems with heat recovery to increase energy efficiency. It is possible to park your car in the courtyard or in the underground parking lot. In addition, there are storage spaces on the lower ground floors.

Kalma park can be viewed as an extension of the courtyard of the building. The green park and recreational area with a cycle and pedestrian track offer many opportunities to spend time with the family, for reading, grilling, or just walking


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