Perton Ehitus

Unique semi-detached house in the city centre!

  • Project name Toom- Kuninga 30 II
  • Architect Peeter Liivandi, Villu Scheler (Arhitektuuribüroo RAF)
  • Address Toom- Kuninga 30
  • Year 2015
  • Type New Building

A contemporary house for two families at the juncture of Tõnismäe and Uus Maailm districts. Both living spaces in the house on Toom-Kuninga 30 have their own yards surrounded with hedges. All the opportunities of the city centre are at arms length. The main construction material is fibo blocks covered with a unique wooden tar oil cladding. A complacent home for a family in a semi-detached house in the city centre.


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Unbelievably comfortable home in the city centre! Moodne kodu 11.12.2015  



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