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We are glad to share you information about our newest development – Katze Maja.

If you’re looking for a new family home in the centre of Tallinn, but prefer a cozy area of milieu rather than high-rise buildings and heavy traffic, Katze House is for you. The house is situated in a cozy private courtyard in Kassisaba (Wismari 47A), surrounded by lushy urban greenery. It’s an oasis of silence and peace, just a short walk from the city centre.


Arte Galeriimaja officially opened its doors this week. This is a new 82-apartment building in the immediate vicinity of Telliskivi Creative City. The building stands on commercial land and consists of one- and two-room quest apartments. In other words, it is an investor-oriented product and the first one of its kind in the area.


The vestibule and the show apartment of Arte Galeriimaja were completed at the beginning of November, which created a real finished-building feeling. In reality, the works will continue until Spring 2019.


We happily invite you to the unveiling of the Arte Galeriimaja (Telliskivi 49) show apartment on November 13th between 12:00 and 19:00. In addition to the show apartment, we have finished the vestibule and will have a special offer to those who make the decision to purchase at the open house.


An active real estate market and favourable financing conditions have made an increasing number of people think about rental investments. It’s no surprise, since an apartment purchased for rental is both a long-term investment and an opportunity to create a passive income stream.

Below, Tõnu Toompark (TT), one of the leading real estate experts in Estonia, provides seven aspects to take into account when purchasing an apartment for rental, and Marko Bäärs (MB), a member of board at Perton Ehitus, addresses these issues regarding his own ongoing development project in Kalamaja, Arte Galeriimaja, located next to the Creative City at Telliskivi 49.


Those who keep an eye on the construction site know that some time ago a wreath appeared on Arte Galeriimaja’s rafters. This means that the construction reached the stage where a small traditional party was held for the construction team.


Regardless of the wonderful summer weather and sunshine, the works at Telliskivi 49 have been progressing smoothly. The construction of the floors at Arte Galeriimaja is finished, now the roof panels are being installed, then the parapets will be built and finally we will get to the roofing work.


Wonderful June is coming to an end and it’s a good time to look at the construction of the Arte Galeriimaja, which is being built at Telliskivi 49. 

The walls are rising and we are already approaching the next floor – even before the end of this month we will reach to installing the panels of the 3rd floor.


On June 6th from 15.00 to 18.00, Hermann’s House at Ao 2 will host an open house. You will have the opportunity to take a first-hand look at the newly finished house, including its elegant entrance hall and yard space, and view the apartments still on offer.


The Kalamaja district is close to our hearts at Perton, as many of our projects have been located in its cosy neighbourhoods. And that is precisely why our team will be setting up a tent at Kalamaja Days. We would not want to miss such a lovely and popular event, and would love to discuss all of the exciting projects we are working on with to our friends in Kalamaja.


You are invited to Telliskivi 49 – Arte Galeriimaja customer day. The event takes place in Trühvel restaurant in Telliskivi creative city on April 25th from 15:00 to 18:00. Come for sure, because the customer day is also the last day for presale of the two-room apartments.

Last chance to purchase an apartment in Telliskivi 49 project with presale prices!


Wismari 47 is one of the oldest houses on the street and in the Kassisaba neighbourhood. Built in 1880, it fit six small apartments on the first floor, and on the second floor it had the winch device. Over the years, the hoists and ropes disappeared and made room for people. The floor space has remained the same, but now the house has two large family apartments.


Kassisaba area is unique among Tallinn’s districts: not only is it suburbally quiet, but it also has easy access to the most beautiful parks and sights of the city centre.


Approaching spring brings the completion of Hermann’s House. The exterior of the house has a new facade, decorated with window panes and French balcony boarders. Balcony windows are being put in place to make them cosy south-side winter-gardens, and the interior works are well on the way.


Ao 2 new homes have all the utilities in place and finishing works on the way. Interior doors, floors and sanitary equipment are being installed.


The new year has taken off with a fresh start for home buyers. All the homes in Wismari 31 have found their owners – the last two of the Milieu House’s four-room apartments were bought in January. 


Hermann’s House show apartment is ready! Come, find out about the project, and see the show apartment at the Real Estate Rally customer day.


How is it possible to have the rooms warm even in the coldest weather and keep the utilities low at the same time?


In the beginning of the year, the sale of Hermanni Maja took off. 8 apartments are still available: 3 three-room apartments, 4 two-room apartments, and one four-room penthouse with a roof terrace.


The Estonian Science Academy’s male choir is celebrating its 60 years of choir singing.


The scaffolding is still around the house, but the clinker brick and tile façade is nearly finished. All the windows are installed and the exterior is done when the decorative window frames are put in.


The Miljöö Maja is undergoing its final finishing touches and cleaning works. The last details are being installed and minor painting works done. Only apartment 9 is still in working progress, ready by the first half of January.


Behind every home that Perton builds are people – first those, who create it, then those, who fill it with joy, warmth and kindness.

We wish you a peaceful holiday season, sensational end of the year, and a new year full of accomplishments.


Three-room apartment has a Sapphire finishing package – light oak floors and doors convey a luminous feeling. Living-room is spacious and comfortable – big windows and led-lighted cornices add to the atmosphere. Large kitchen with a dining area opens into the living-room.


Hermann’s House show apartment is ready! Come and take a look at the project and our recently finished show apartment on the customer day.

Visitors of the customer day receive 5000 euro discount on their new property. 


Good news for everybody, who is waiting for Hermann’s House opening! Already in the beginning of December the first show apartment on Ao 2 will be finished and ready to show!


The keyword for new residential projects is modern comfort, and every home buyer knows what is modern and what is comfortable. A home with modern comforts is a pleasure for the whole family and worthy of the investment. In Hermanni Maja, which is situated close to Tallinn’s Old Town, all the modern comforts are at hand, and even more luxury is offered by the rooftop apartments.  


In the cooling weather, it is soon possible to continue the works on Hermann’s House construction inside the warm house box.

Fourth floor cement walls and hollow ceiling panels are fixed, and the construction has moved to the last floor. The house box is completed, when the roof panels above the fifth floor are in place and the celebration of the rafter party is held in the middle of September.


On August 18th the project manager of Wismari 31 had a reason to climb to the roof – Milieu Building celebrated the rafter party.

According to the cutoms of Estonian national building the rafter party was held, when the construction works of the roof started – the builders took a wreath to the rafters. That was a sign for the owner of the house to treat the builders appropriately. A dignified rafter party brings good luck to the building and ensures good relations with the sprit of the house.


On July 27th at 19:00 in Erinevate Tubade Klubi, Telliskivi 60a (look at the location).

Two-room apartments with refined interior planning, built-in kitchen and bathroom furniture, and smart design solutions make good use of every square meter in the house.


The beginning of July marks the final phase of construction works of Milieu Building. The wall constructions of the third floor, supporting walls, and the firewall with Wismari 29 building will be finished.


The construction works of the six commercial premises and storage rooms on the first floor facing Paldiski Road are about to be completed. On the same ground behind the house, the first floor will comprise of eight parking places.


At the end of May, the Department of Urban Planning in Tallinn acknowledged the owners, builders and planners of buildings that were renovated in an exceptionally good manner.

The heritage board brought attention to companies that had dedicated their efforts to restore valuable building ensembles in accordance with the surrounding milieu.


The construction of Hermann’s House is proceeding as planned. By now we have completed work on the carrier posts in the basement and are finishing the installation of loadbearing beams of the intermediate ceiling of the basement.


Times are busy at the construction site of the Milieu Building. The hollow panel structures were installed just now and construction works of the second floor will start soon. Stairs are being installed simultaneously.

The construction works of the building box will be completed during the next month. After that, works will commence on insulation and roofing.


Tallinn Department of Urban Planning acknowledged the builders, owners, and architects of the best renovated buildings.
These prizes have been handed out for more than 10 years with the purpose of thanking the owners of historical monuments, who have taken good care of their buildings. This year, projects of 2015 were acknowledged.



On April 7, 2016, the winners of the „Roof of the Year“ award were announced at the Estonian Construction Fair. This is a competition held by the Estonian Association of the Roofing Trade and it has four categories: Stone Roof, Tin Roof, Flat Roof and National Roof.

This competition is held every two years and roofing works of previous two years can be submitted. The purpose of this award is to promote professional roof building and to acknowledge roofing professionals, as well as to publicly promote their skills.

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